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Replicat Finishing & Distribution Services Price List

Most media, print and packaging components are priced automatically when you request an instant online quote from our extensive gallery, but the following extra services can be added to your order form on request:

Barcodes:    $25+GST

We'll assign a unique Replicat barcode number and JPG barcode image that you can use on your master CD, digital album sales and jacket cover. 

ISRC codes:    No charge

There's no charge, because you contact [email protected] for these codes, not us : )

Gloss or matte laminate:    No charge

Replicat is currently running a special offer to give clients a choice of free gloss or matte laminate (not just varnish, but actual laminate) on every digipack wallet, gatefold wallet or cardboard sleeve. Just specify which one you'd like on your order form. (We've just upgraded to a 350gsm heavy stock too!)

Priority 6 working day turnarounds:   $0.20ea+GST (applied to full order quantity)

Most Replicat products have an 8 to 9 working day production turnaround. If your order is particularly urgent, it is possible to fast-track the order to be completed in 6 working days from the date of final proof approval (day 0) to the date the order leaves our warehouse (day 6). Priority overnight freight services may also be available on request. This service is available for all standard disc packs and USBs, including our full range of digipacks, wallets and sleeves. However, it's essential that you book a priority service at the start of the order process and our standard terms of trade still apply. Ask your rep for details.

Artwork finishing:    $15+GST per booklet/wallet panel (excluding spines) plus $25+GST per disc face

A super easy way to get press ready artwork together if you have the photos, images, text and layout ideas - but need an expert to create finished artwork to Replicat specs. This is much easier than trying to learn Photoshop, Illustrator, bleed, impositions, outlines and/or reg marks 'on the fly'. Prices are subject to any additional image work (scanning, editing, sourcing) that may be required. Allow at least 48 hours extra for this service in addition to your standard lead time.

Audio tracks to CD Audio master conversion:    $55+GST up to 12 tracks, plus $5 per track after that

Replicat can create a CD Audio master if you have WAV files ready to go, but no way to create a CD Audio format master. Just add $55+GST to your order form, fill in a master creation form then upload the completed form and your WAV or MP3 track files.

Note: This is a compilation service only and does not include any sonic treatment (EQ, top/tail, compression, click removal etc). We can recommend several independent studios around Australia for high-quality full track and album mastering on request.

Video files to DVD video master conversion:    $POA

Please email us the following information and we'll provide a quote for authoring:

  • For each video file you intend to supply: the format (e.g. MP4, MOV), the play length (HH:MM:SS) and the size (in MB).
  • For each menu page required: an exact description of what every button on the menu page does, and whether you can provide the required menu image files (tip: there's a Photoshop template for this)

Split Deliveries:    $POA

Most orders are delivered to a single location and this shipping cost is included automatically on your instant quote. If you need to split-ship to more than one location, please email us the Australian postcodes x quantities x deadlines for each drop. We'll provide a custom quote to suit.

Individual Mail-out:    $POA plus postage at cost

We can provide a sealed plastic bubble bag, printed address sticker (from your supplied address file), pack and lodgement. Very handy for mailouts to your pre-sale lists and media outlets. Minimum quantities apply. Email details for a comprehensive quote including postage.

Digital Distribution:   $39 per album/year

Launch digital sales on iTunes, Spotify and hundreds of other digital stores, via a local company and retain 100% royalties via Digital Start.