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Replicat Layout Service


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Step 1: Choose your templates 

Template links are on your quote PDF. Or here: templates. Make a choice from the available templates for your quoted components.


artwork finishing iconStep 2: Source high resolution images or decide on background colours

Choose your final 300+ dpi image files (JPG, PNG, BMP etc). We can quote separately for sourcing, scanning or complex edits if needed.


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Step 3: Create text document 

Provide spell-checked, name-checked text and your layout instructions for every panel/face separately in a single text document.  


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Step 4: ZIP it and upload it

Zip all images and the single text document into a single zip file, name it with your WQ quote number and upload


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Step 5: Send us your order instructions

We'll need the order form and deposit before proceeding further, so pls follow the order instructions