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File Uploads to Replicat


Upload here: Replicat dropbox      

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Note: We want to help you to avoid possible production delays, reproof and/or conversion costs, so please read the following before uploading any files:

ARTWORK FILES: Have you included 3mm bleed on paper parts? Converted all text to outlines? Output as 300dpi CMYK PDF format? Followed our templates exactly? Included the Replicat template name in your document filename so we know exactly which template you've used? If not, please amend files before uploading.

MULTI PANEL/PAGE COMPONENTS: DON'T upload separate pages/panels (page1.pdf, page2.pdf...etc). DO upload a single document for the entire component, laid out exactly as per our template e.g. Bob Smith - Smithsonian CD - Replicat - 8 page CD booklet.pdf

MASTER FILES: Please don't use this dropbox for masters as we generally require a physical (CD-R, DVD-R) master for replication or duplication. The one (and only) exception is CD Audio for 250+ replication (not duplication) where we can accept DDP + MD5 checksum files, but just send us a link to download if you have one. If you have WAV, AIFF, MP3, ISO, MP4 or some other file format, please talk to us first to receive a quote for master conversion before uploading.

WQ QUOTE NUMBER: Replicat receives hundreds of files every week, so please include your WQ quote number when uploading files.