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Vinyl production and listening hub launch!

We're hugely proud to announce the launch of our 7" 10" and 12" vinyl production and Richmond listening hub.

Media release 17 September 2018: Replicat is expanding - 7" 10" 12" vinyl production and listening hub launch


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How-to pages, major update

We've just crafted new how-to pages for how to place an order, how to create artwork, how to make a master, and how to use our layout service. Hopefully it's a little easier to read now in mobile view. The info is also completely up to date. Check the links above.

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Very rare Replicat Christmas sale just announced!

Hi all, Replicat has just launched a very rare Christmas sale. $50 off 300+ runs of digipacks if order placed by 15 December. Other special offers on gatefolds, sleeves. See here: http://mailchi.mp/39f1d9f8a715/replicat-christmas-dash-offer-on-cd-and-d...

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Catapult Community relaunched!

Replicat's Catapult community of 25K artists and fans has now been relaunched, ready for our clients to promote new launches/benefits to our adoring audience.

See the community at www.facebook.com/CatapultSongContest


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