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Audio Cassettes

Audio Cassette

Replicat can offer a fast, competitively priced, 100% Australian made solution for any audio cassette project.

Many years ago the Replicat team managed one of Australia's largest audio cassette manufacturing companies. We know everything there is to know about C-0's, mastering, direct to cassette printing, labels, sleeves, cases, duping & winding.

Please email the following information to [email protected] and we'll prepare a custom audio cassette quotation to suit any requirement, large or small:

  1. Quantity required (minimum 50 units):
  2. Album length (minutes):
  3. Shell colour:
  4. Cases:
  5. Printed sleeves:
  6. Deadline (turnaround time under two weeks):
  7. Delivery postcode:

Direct to cassette printing to both sides included in all quotes.

Special offer: If you have download codes available we'll even include greyscale download cards for free.