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Direct Mail Postage Solutions After Manufacture

Replicat offers a mail-out support service to suit any crowdfunding, corporate promotion, media sample mailout or other campaign that requires the postage of individual units to your supplied list of recipients immediately after manufacture
  • Address label printing (incorporating your logo and return address on the labels)
  • Single and multi product bubble bags for any replication or duplication product
  • Printed DLX cardboard mailers for individual discs, cards and DL inserts (letters, flyers)
  • Personalised and non-personalised letter printing and folding to DL
  • Order pick/pack
  • Australia post lodgement
  • Postage (or charged to your Australia Post account if you have one)
  • Stock balance forwarding to one or multiple locations via our national freight forwarding service
How?   Supply a list of names, addresses, products and quantities on spreadsheet
Price?  Please email quantities & requirements for a quotation