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Catapult Song Contest

Replicat's Catapult community commenced in 2010 to assist Replicat artists to showcase and promote their original music. 
The community gained an audience of over 25K people during our national songwriting contests in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The original contest website still exists and is fully operational - you can see the most recent finalists and listen to some superb original Australian songs for free if you have a lazy Sunday to shuffle through them.
With so many artists and fans seeing the community posts, it's high time we put this page back to work and let our Replicat music clients use the page to promote their business. We figure it takes very little effort to moderate a forum and there's potentially a great benefit for our music clients, so why not.
The community has now been rebooted. Replicat artists can post articles and items at any time in the visitor post section. We'll moderate the posts, but if it's on topic and music related then feel free to post and take advantage of the community. We'll keep an eye on these visitor posts too and if we spot a Replicat CD/DVD client with a record launch, or a benefit gig we'd like to support, then we'll promote the post to the main thread for maximum reach.
If you have an enquiry or special event that you'd like to promote, then please email us and we can discuss ways to help. Extended reach advertising (at Facebook cost), timed announcements and launch support are all available. 
The Catapult Community is a thank you to the thousands of artists that have supported our Replicat business since 2004. You helped us, so we're now here to help you promote your music. It's free for our clients and we hope that as a result you find a few new people along at your gigs, or walking past your open guitar case, or supporting your benefit.
That's the new Catapult!