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CD Copying

Looking for a quality CD copying and packaging service for a limited or wide release? Or a bulk CD copying firm to assist with sleeves, mailers or digipacks for use with printed publications or showbags? Or perhaps CD copying for a corporate presentation or wedding?
Replicat offer a wide range of quality, professional CD copying and packaging solutions perfect for any project, big or small.
What is CD Copying?
Defined simply as the process of copying all data stored on one CD to another, CD copying technology encompasses, primarily, two key concepts:
CD Replication - creating a glass master from an original "source" disc then injection moulding and printing discs from scratch - which, as our name suggests, Replicat specialises in.
CD Duplication - simply "burning" or "transferring" information from a source to a destination by physically copying the data from one CD to another by way of computer
Both CD copying methods allow for the copying of data from one disc to another, but replicated discs are subject to stringent quality control checks during production and as a consequence, the final run has a much smaller chance of error. However, given the means of production, the minimum run size of a replicated disc batch is much higher: 500 units at Replicat, Australia.
Conversely, CD duplication has a smaller minimum run size, but an increased chance of error - since there is no "easy" form of quality control. Additionally, the printing for these discs is done before the burning process, so there's an additional risk of wasted materials also. That being said, it is a less expensive production and the setup time is minimal.
Still, if your end goal product is a quality, industry standard CD with as few hiccups as possible, then CD replication is the CD copying technology for you.
Replicat manufactures a wide variety of discs and packaging materials from jewel case, tray-packs and wallet packs to caddy packs, plastic & paper sleeves and mailer cases. For more information on any product from our extensive range, see the interesting links below or contact our customer service team directly.