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CD Duplication

CD Duplication involves burning data from a master CD-R onto CD-R or CD+R blank media, then printing the disc via short run inkjet, thermal or label techniques. Replicat has a minimum quantity of 50 units for CD duplication.

CD Replication, by comparison, has a minimum run size per title of 250 units. It involves creating a glass master and stamper, pressing and offset or screen-printing the discs. Disc replication is the manufacturing technique used for all Hollywood DVD movies and commercial CD releases, and, our name suggests, that’s what Replicat specialises in.

For more information see our:

Technical Reference Library – The Difference between Replication & Duplication

How is Replicat CD Duplication different from other providers?

Replicat offers the best quality short run duplication service available anywhere in Australia. Unlike cheaper duplication quotes you may receive, Replicat duplicated discs are engineered to be suitable for sale or commercial use.
  • High resolution full colour printing finished with a colourfast no smudge screenprinted seal - providing water and humidity resistant full colour highly detailed printing of your designs.
  • Mastering grade blank CD-R and DVD-R media 
  • Eclipse master testing of your content prior to duplication - providing the same quantitative preflight master testing for readability and format errors that we use for replicated discs
  • Digital offset printed booklets, sleeves, inlays and other printed components
Production info:
  • 5 working days production lead time plus shipping time.
  • 100% Australian made discs
  • Artwork templates - see the orange 'download spec' links on the first page of your quote PDF.
  • FAQ/instructions for preparing artwork, masters, payments and paperwork here: how-to-place-your-order