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CD Production

Replicat offer a wide variety of CD production services and packaging options including all CD-Audio, CD-Rom and hybrid formats.
If you require a project quote for CD production and packaging, we have dedicated sections in our instant quote and product gallery. Select a pack, choose your disc type and enter your project details to receive an immediate project estimate and artwork specifications via email.
All CDs manufactured by Replicat are pressed from a glass master, printed and supplied either in bulk or packaged for Australian and global distribution.
Looking to get a large number of audio CDs pressed for a launch? Or a run of CD-Rom disc handouts? Or a bulk run of audio/rom hybrid discs produced and plastic sleeve packaged for magazine covers? Or perhaps CD production for your independent band or movie soundtrack? Replicat are the award winning industry standard for customer service in CD production - both in Australia and around the globe.
What is CD Production?
Commonly used to describe the "pressing" of CDs, CD production refers to the process of creating a compact disc from scratch - with data pressed onto the OGP substrate during the manufacturing process.
Ostensibly, the CD production process is fairly simple: the data from the "source" disc is transferred to a glass master, which is then used to create a metal "stamper", which is then loaded onto the molding line and copies of the CD are literally "stamped" out of plastic. These plastic discs are then cleaned, coated with molten aluminium and a protective laquer is added and hardened by UV light. Finally, the whole disc is silk screened or offset printed for presentation, ready for packaging.
The alternative method to CD production is "CD Duplication" - or simply "copying" the data from one CD to a blank CD-R. Although this method is less expensive and has a faster turn-around, the chance of error is increased significantly and the discs produced can't be relied upon to play in every CD player. Replicas, on the other hand, are exact copies of the original and therefore offer a more reliable option for discs required for retail sale or corporate use.
Offering a comprehensive range of high quality, low cost, professional CD production services, Replicat is your business' one-stop-shop for all things compact disc: whether it be CD pressing, CD replication or packaging manufacture.
Replicat have acted as CD Production experts on thousands of runs in Australia and around the globe - on projects for musicians, film makers, corporates and individuals. Contact us today for more information on CD Production or any other of our wide variety of services!