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CD Replication & Packaging

Need CD replication and retail packaging for independent or general music release? Or a bulk CD production run with basic sleeves for a magazine cover or individually addressed mailout? Or perhaps some copies of a corporate slideshow or PDF presentation? Or a disc for your annual report?
Replicat offers an extensive range of retail quality standard CD and mini CD replication and packaging options. All Replicat discs are replicated (pressed) from a glass master, offset or screen printed, and supplied either in bulk or packaged.
If you require a project quote for CD replication and packaging, we have dedicated sections in our instant quote and product gallery.  Select a pack, choose your disc type and enter your project details to receive an immediate project estimate and artwork specifications via email.

What is CD Replication?

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CD replication process involves creating a glass master and stamper from your original disc, then injection moulding and printing the discs. In other words, we manufacture the discs from scratch. The minimum quantity for this service is 300 units per title.

This is very different from CD duplication, which simply involves the burning or copying of content onto blank CD -/+ R media. A fuller description of the CD manufacturing and printing processes are available in our technical library. We will always recommend that you press a replicated CD for retail sale or use in a commercial environment due to the lower unit cost and more reliable playback. As our name suggests, Replicat specialises in high volume disc replication.

A full description of the CD replication and printing process, plus technical specifications for the various CD formats and other information, is available in our technical reference library. The only thing you need to know however, is that if you can create a CD-R master that plays correctly in a standard CD player (not a computer, unless you are creating a software application or other CD-ROM title), then we can create a replicated disc for you. Maximum disc capacities are retailed in our detailed quotations.

Our range of packaging for CD includes:

Jewel case packaging with booklets (from 2 pages to 72 pages) and single or double sided rear inlays. Trays are typically clear (for a double sided rear inlay) or black, but we also offer a range of white and coloured trays for special projects. Please contact customer service for a list of available colours. We offer a wide range of multi disc jewel case packs also – slimline (10mm spine double and triple packs), ‘fat-pack’ quad and hex cases and multi disc blow-moulded and polypropylene story-book packs.

Tray-packs (digipacks, digipaks, digital packaging) with clear or black  137mmx123mm trays. These tray-packs (digipacks, digipaks, digital packaging) are available in 4, 6 or 8 panel designs with optional booklets and Australia’s largest range of booklet insertion options including horizontal pouch, diagonal pouch (first designed and produced by Replicat’s team), open and closed end pouches with a variety of concave, square thumb and long thumb cuts and specially orientated booklet gluing to either fold away from the pack or open up like a booklet. The tray-packs (digipacks, digipaks, digital packaging) may be finished with a complete range of foils, laminates, recycled and standard coated or uncoated stock options, special inks and wraps. Replicat are Australia’s specialists in short-run complex tray-pack (digipack, digipak, digital packaging) production.

Wallet packs, which allow all the flexibility of tray-packs (digipacks, digipaks, digital packaging) but without the plastic tray. A range of options are available for disc insertion into the wallets. Several panel sizes are available including retail 141x125mm panels and standard 130x125mm panels.

Clear or black polypropylene single or multi-disc caddy packs, which were originally designed for magazine covers but have since been used for a variety of low cost protective archive and retail sale covers for budget products. These caddies are all available in slimline and standard thickness packs to hold 1 to 4 discs. A printed outer sleeve and/or booklet may be assembled with most of these packs – see our gallery for full details.

An extensive range of plastic and paper sleeves and protective polypropylene clamshell and standard mailer cases (flexible hard plastic e.g. DVD cases) and retail presentation polystyrene (hard clear plastic) standard, slimline and mini disc packs. And of course, you can still put a CD into a DVD case if you’d prefer.

Looking for a pack or sleeve that you can’t find here? If it exists, we can find it for you! Please contact our Australian customer service team to discuss any packaging item that you would like to produce and we will source it.