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Custom Shaped USB Drives


Connect your ideas with our design expertise and technology. In a field of traditional stick-style USB drives, one-of-a-kind custom shapes stand out.

Create conversation pieces that people will want to engage with: a mascot-shaped drive for your football team; a character-shaped drive for your new software; or a miniature model-shaped drive for your vehicle dealership.

Give a custom shaped USB drive to your customers, clients, and supporters. Distribute them to staff and shareholders. Share your conference agenda and presentations on a custom shaped drive. Hand them out at trade shows, or as a gift with purchase.

Your drive. Your design.


5 Easy Steps To Your Custom Shaped USB Drives

1. Your idea or inspiration: find a picture, or do a rough sketch of your idea, or even send us your logo.
2. Contact us: get an estimated quote for your custom shaped USB drive, based on your idea.
3. Illustrated design: We will create detailed three dimensional illustrations of your USB drive.
4. Pre-production: After illustration approval, we produce a custom-moulded prototype sample of your USB drive.
5. Production: After you approve your sample, we mass produce your custom USB shaped drives.
Illustrations for Custom Shaped USB Drives
Custom shaped USB Drives finished product
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About Honey Ants

Our first client for the custom USBs is Honey Ant Readers - a series of resources developed with the support of traditional Elders to make learning for Australian Indigenous learners relevant, meaningful, engaging and fun. This series now includes 10 fabulous new interactive eBooks and iBooks on a Replicat custom shaped Honey Ant USB. The custom design provides a hook to engage kids in literacy through hands-on activities, using individual computers, iPads, Android devices and interactive whiteboards. Our thanks to Margaret James and Honey Ant Readers for being a wonderful first up client for this new range. See www.honeyant.com.au for further info.