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Digipack/Wallet Showcase: Disc print options

Replicat's standard disc replication service quotes include full colour disc printing, typically as CMYK offset print on a white base but alternatively screenprinted as up to 3 PMS solid colours. On request, however, we can provide a custom quote for a wider range of disc printing options to suit your project.
CMYK offset + one Pantone screenprint: On rare occasions it may be necessary to print a very accurate solid block of colour within a CMYK offset design. When such a design is required, Replicat can offset printed the CYMK part of the design and then screenprint an additional Pantone colour in the same print pass. Some care is required to prepare the artwork separations and trapping, so please contact us ahead of time to discuss requirements. 
Metallic, matte and flourescent Pantone inks: On request, Replicat can purchase and screenprint any Pantone range special ink for your project. 
Spot UV: Similar to a Pantone screenprint, we can also screenprint a spot UV section on any disc. Particularly effective when printed over matte Pantone inks. 
Vinyl-effect: It's possible to print a vinyl-like finish on the disc by printing concentric spot-UV circles onto a black printed surface, to create a vinyl record effect on the disc surface.
Custom white base: Replicat include a full surface white base on most CMYK disc prints, so that any unprinted areas appear white. If you'd like some (or all) unprinted areas to appear silver instead, you can prepare a special white base separation in your artwork, and reverse out any areas that need to be silver.