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Digipack/Wallet Showcase: Foiling & special inks

Replicat can provide virtually any special print effect to a sleeve, gatefold wallet or digipack. To receive quote for any special effect, please create a PDF showing our template and the required special effect area together and email to our sales team.

Designers: When producing your design, simply create an additional separation in addition to the CYMK layers. This additional separation should be clearly labelled with the required effect and shown as 100% magenta.

Metallic foils: Typically gold or silver, these metallic foils provide a beautiful highlight to the logo, title or other areas of a wallet panel. If you can keep the design inside our 10cm x 10cm block area on a single panel it will reduce the cost.

Metallic, flourescent, matte special Pantone inks: We'll need to purchase most inks specially as they expire fairly soon after purchase. Please provide a separation (as per above) and specify the special Pantone number you require.

Emboss & deboss: We can raise or recess an area of your design with an emboss block. Please provide a separation (as per above) to receive a quote.

Spot UV: We can print a clear raised polymer spot UV varnish to a specific area of your design. Usually combined with matte laminate for contrast. Please provide a separation (as per above) to receive a quote.

Custom forme cut: We can create a custom forme to reproduce any wallet shape in your collection, or introduce a custom shaped outline or window/hole to an existing wallet shape. Please provide a separation showing the full custom forme shape outline to receive a quote.

Combinations: Some effects can be combined to create an additional highlight. It's quite common to foil and emboss, or spot UV and emboss, the same area. If a combination is required, it's usually enough to provide a single separation and simply label it with both effects (e.g. SPOT UV and EMBOSS area).