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Digipack/Wallet Showcase: Reverse Spine

When we produce a digipack or wallet, the packs are folded and glued in such a way that the unprinted inside part of the spine (also known as the reverse spine) remains visible. Most digipacks and wallets are produced this way and it doesn't detract from most designs in the slightest. It's just a part of this type of pack.

If you require this part of the pack to be printed, we'll need to produce a second set of printing plates to align and print the reverse spine area correctly. There's an additional charge for this depending on quantity, usually around $200+GST.

A reverse spine print might be particularly important if you run, for example, a wide landscape photograph across the inside of the pack. We don't recommend including a person's face, essential small text, logos or other essential images in this reverse spine area however. While all care is taken to align the panels and reverse spine, it's not possible to guarantee a perfect alignment every single time.

Reverse spine print must be specifically requested in writing at the time of order placement. Include graphics in the spine cut-out section of the wallet on your template. 

Also please note that reverse spine print is available on our digipack and retail gatefold wallet range, but is not available on the standard gatefold range.