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Digipack/Wallet Showcase: Shapes & sizes

Replicat offer a wide range of different printed cardboard packs to suit any project. All products in this range can be finished with our full set of foils, special inks, custom forme-cut, emboss/deboss, spot UV and laminate finishes
Smile Cut (TM) gatefold wallet (~140 x ~125mm panel size with spine): Exclusive to Replicat and the latest addition to our wallet range, this pack provides a lightweight, lower cost alternative to digipacks while still showing the full surface of the disc in the pack. Available in 4 panel, 6 panel, booklet pouch and multi disc versions. See the gallery for photos and instant quotes.
Replicat Smile Cut (TM) gatefold range
Retail gatefold CD wallet (~140 x ~125mm panel size with spine): If the Smile Cut (TM) wallet isn't ideal for your project, we have a huge range of other retail gatefold variations - with scallop cut, straight cut, thumb cut, single and double pouch variations - all offering the size and flexibility of a CD digipack without the cost of a tray. The packs are suitable for retail sale, configured with a wider 7mm spine and our full range of disc and CD booklet pouches. The retail wallets come in 4, 6 and 8 panel versions and can hold one or multiple discs.
Standard gatefold CD wallet (~130 x ~125mm panel size, with spine): The standard gatefold wallet is similar in size to the cardboard sleeve, but offers greater flexibility for the designer: with a 5mm spine, from 4 to 8 panels, a wide range of thumb-cut, straight cut and concave pouches and multi-disc options (one disc for every two panels e.g. 2 discs in a 4 panel wallet, 3 discs in a 6 panel wallet).
Tip! Replicat offers Smile Cut (TM), retail and standard gatefold wallets variations at the same price, so if you're considering a gatefold, keep in mind that the larger Smile Cut (TM) and retail gatefold wallets are the same price as the smaller standard gatefolds.
Cardboard sleeve (~126 x ~126mm panel size, no spine): While not suitable for retail sale, the cardboard sleeve is a popular choice for CD singles and promotional giveaways. The pouch is large enough to fit a small CD booklet (120*120mm panel). The packs can be sealed with either a clear mylar seal, shrinkwrap or clear PVC sleeve. An alternative tight-fit sleeve is also available for non-sealed budget discs required for newspaper or magazine covers.
CD digipack (~140 x ~125mm panel size, with spine): The ever-popular CD digipack comes in 4, 6 and 8 panel sizes and displays the full surface of the disc. In addition to clear and black PS trays, we now offer PLA biodegradable plastic, EVA foam, white foam dot and clear disc dot versions of the pack. Our full range of pouch styles and finishes are available.
DVD gatefold wallet (various panel sizes, with spine): The DVD gatefold is suitable for retail sale, software, promotional products, corporate PDS's  and giveaways. The DVD gatefold wallet comes in 4, 6 and 8 panel sizes. Two distinct versions of the wallet are available: the horizontal pouch wallet and the vertical pouch wallet.
DVD digipack (~191 x ~137mm panel size, with 9mm spine): Our top of the line DVD digipack is perfect for high end corporate promotional products, retail DVD product and various other applications. Fully customisable and with a variety of booklet pouches and finishes.
Australia Post Approved Mailers (225mm x 125mm, no spine): Our printed media mailers are approved for Australia Post small letter rate (subject to contents) and can be customized to include one or two discs, membership cards, DL brochures, letters and other inserts as required. We can provide an end-to-end service as needed, from mailer design to print/production to assembly to high speed address overprint from your supplied file to Australia Post lodgement and postage. Alternatively, the mailers can be manufactured with a double sided tape strip for your later assembly and postage.