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Digipack/Wallet Showcase: Shrinkwrap

We highly recommend shrink-wrap on gatefold wallets and digipacks to protect the pack during transit and storage. Our high speed professional shrinkwrap lines ensure a tight, even finish to the pack. Many consumers prefer to receive their product 'gift-wrapped' to prove that they are the first owner too.

But there's a couple of other considerations:

  • Check with any intended retail outlets to see whether they prefer their product shrinkwrapped or open. However, it may still be worth wrapping the packs to ensure that the pack arrives in mint condition regardless.
  • If you intend to use the digipacks or wallets at a promotional event like a signing, it may be more practical to leave the packs unwrapped for that purpose.
  • You might also consider a clear plastic circle seal called a mylar tab seal as an alternative to shrinkwrap. This is very common with cardboard sleeves, but might also be used with smaller gatefold wallets.