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CD / DVD Mailers & Sleeves

Replicat can provide paper and PVC sleeves, plastic and printed mailer packs and miscellaneous packs that complete our range. If you need a pack that is suitable for mail-out or perhaps just a simple protective cover, then Replicat has a sleeve or disc mailer to suit:
A full range of Australia Post approved printed and plain disc cardboard mailer wallets - either as a stand-alone wallet or a wrap around protective case ready for mail-out. Please see out separate section for full details on the pack and mail-out solutions offered by Replicat, Australia.
Protective clear PVC sleeve for standard or mini disc and white or coloured plain paper envelopes with a clear face.
Polypropylene (clear flexible solid plastic) clamshell cases and square mailers. These are ideal for disc and master transport, inexpensive disc insertion into a larger pack of materials or long term storage.
Printed cardboard sleeves in a variety of cardboard stocks and print finishes. Our full range of stock, foil, laminate and varnish options are available for these low cost sleeves. These are ideal for an EP release or low cost corporate distribution.
Clear or black polypropylene single or multi-disc caddy packs, which were originally designed for magazine covers, but have since been used for a variety of low cost protective archive and retail sale covers for budget products. These caddies are all available in slimline and standard thickness packs to hold 1 to 4 discs. A printed outer sleeve and/or booklet may be assembled with most of these packs – see our gallery for full details.
Clear disc dot custom packaging – a useful little clear rubber dot that holds a disc securely in place on the inside cover of a book or annual report, or perhaps a printed A4 backing card (with magazine heat seal plastic wrap if required) for an attractive retail sale pack for newsagent stands. Please contact our customer service team if you would like to discuss the range of packaging solutions that can be achieved with a simple clear disc dot.
Looking for mailers or a pack or sleeve that you can’t find here? If it exists, we can find it for you! Please contact our customer service team to discuss any packaging item that you would like to produce and we will source it.