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Replicat Download Cards

Download card


1. Get your codes
Codes are FREE from Bandcamp and similar sites. Just register and create an album, then supply us the free codes

2. Choose your cards
Greyscale printed cards are currently FREE with any digipack, gatefold or vinyl pressing order. 

Optional extras available for small surcharge as follows:

CMYK print iconCMYK (full) colour print

Laminate iconCard lamination

World Wide Web iconCustom URLs


3. Order your album stocks
Get a quote for any Replicat disc, vinyl or audio cassette pack from our gallery.

4. Add a sticker
Stickers with "DOWNLOAD CARD INSIDE" available in white or black text on clear background - suitable for any wallet pack.

5. Get your merch
Replicat will print the cards, insert them into your packs and deliver.

6. Redeem
Head over to dotcode.me to see our code redemption page. Or use your own.


So what's the catch?

Well, there is none. This really is as good as it sounds. We've figured out how you can add codes and cards to any album, virtually for free. Cover all bases, and make your album more attractive and saleable to fans and retailers alike. 

If you have any questions at all on the new service, just holler: [email protected]