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DVD Copying

Do you require professional DVD copying for an independent or wide-area release? Or a large scale DVD copying project with simple plastic sleeves for use with magazines or handouts? Or perhaps DVD copying for a special event or presentation?
Replicat offer a wide range of quality, professional CD copying and packaging solutions perfect for any project, big or small.
Replicat offer an award winning DVD copying service that comes at the lowest royalty-paid replication and packaging price in Australia. Ready to take on any project big or small, we are prepared to answer any questions you have along the way and assist in all stages of production.
What is DVD Copying?
Simply described as the transfer of information from one DVD disc to another, "DVD copying" as a concept has two main methods:
DVD Replication - the act of creating a glass master "cut" from the source disc, then injection moulding and "printing" the discs - which, as our name suggests, Replicat specialises in and
DVD Duplication - the much simpler, and more DIY method, in which data is burnt from one disc to another using either a personal computer or industry level computer
Choosing the right method for your project can be tricky, but it basically boils down to the following questions:
Are you looking to produce a large (over 500) unit run?
Are you willing to pay extra to ensure that there are as few erroneous discs as possible?
Are you prepared to sacrifice time in the short term to produce a better quality disc?
If you answered yes to any of these, then DVD replication is for you. It may have a slightly more expensive setup cost and the time involved to prepare the run may be longer, but the benefits are undeniable: a sigificantly lower chance of error and a longer lasting, higher quality disc.
Alternately, you can look at DVD duplication - the short run quick turnaround option. Perfect for low cost, fast turnaround projects, this DVD copying technique is the simpler and quicker way to clone your DVDs. However, without the step-by-step monitoring of the DVD manufacture found with DVD replication, there is an increased chance of error, albeit still relatively small.
Either way, Replicat Australia is available as your premium digital production partner. We have acted as DVD copying service on thousands of Australian and international projects - with worldwide distribution and production of both discs and high quality packaging materials such as jewel cases, tray-packs and mailer sleeves.
Contact our customer service team directly for additional information on any product or service from extensive range, or see the links below.