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DVD Production

Do you have a large run DVD Production project? Looking for an award winning agency to produce it?
Replicat are experts in DVD Production - both in Australia and around the globe - manufacturing DVD5, DVD9 and DVD10 formats. All DVDs manufactured by Replicat are pressed from a glass master and available for worldwide delivery.
If you require a project quote for DVD production and packaging, we have dedicated sections in our instant quote and product gallery. Select a pack, choose your disc type and enter your project details to receive an immediate project estimate and artwork specifications via email.
Whether you're looking for single layer, double layer or double sided DVD production, Replicat have the means and experience to see your project through to completion - including packaging and distribution.
What is DVD Production?
Most often interchanged with the term "DVD pressing", "DVD production" describes the act of physically creating pre-coded digital video discs from raw components.
The process itself follows years of CD production techniques that have made a science out of the production of DVDs:
Using only the physical nature of the disc, data from a "source" disc is transferred to a glass "master"
The master is then used as a mould to create the metal "stamper"
The stamper is then loaded onto the moulders, which, when enabled, "stamp" the new DVDs out of plastic
The new discs are then cleaned, cut and coated with a molten alumium - which gives them their reflective aesthetic
A protective laquer is added and hardened to the disc via ultra-violet light
Finally, the disc is silk screened for protection and printed on for distribution
Along with each step in the DVD production process, an engineer monitors the status of the DVDs - ensuring that the discs remain of high quality and that no errors occur. Due to this, the setup and cost of such a production is more expensive than simple "cd duplication" - in which the data is simply "burnt" from the source disc to a new, consumable disc - but the chance of error is so far decreased that the value is definitely inherent.
Replicat offer some of the lowest prices on DVD Production both in Australia and around the globe for fully produced DVDs, including packaging and face design. For more information on this or any other of our wide range of services, contact us today or see the links below.