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Replicat Finishing & Distribution Services Price List

The following extra services can be added to your order form:


barcode iconBarcodes: $25+GST

Just request a barcode on your order form. We’ll assign the barcode number and email back the image for your designer.

ISRC code iconISRC codes: Contact ARIA

Send an email to [email protected] for these codes.

laminate iconGloss or matte laminate: No charge

Just request gloss or matte laminate on your order form for any cardboard components in your pack.


priority turnaround iconPriority paid 6 working day turnaround: $0.20ea+GST (applied to full order quantity)

Depends on qty and pack though, so please email us the details. We’ll email back an accurate quote and submission deadlines.


artwork finishing iconArtwork finishing: see rates and instructions

Upload high res images, text and layout info. We'll create press ready artwork. Image scanning, sourcing, edits do cost a little extra.


audio iconAudio tracks to CD Audio master conversion: see rates and instructions

Upload your tracks. We'll compile a DDP image of a CD Audio master for you to check. EQ and other sonic treatment cost extra.


video iconVideo files to DVD video master conversion: $POA

Email the format (e.g. MP4, MOV), play length (HH:MM:SS) and size (MB) of all files - plus details of what every menu button does.


delivery iconSplit Deliveries: $POA

Email us the split quantities and postcodes and we’ll provide a quote.


mailout iconIndividual Mail-out: $POA plus

Email the number of units and we’ll provide a mail-out quote. All postage at cost. Bubble bags provided.


distribution iconDigital Distribution: $39 per album/year

Launch digital sales on iTunes, Spotify and 100's of other digital stores. Local support. Retain 100% royalties. See: Digital Start.