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High Volume and Large Projects

Large projects of 50,000 or more discs require exceptional design, logistics and technical expertise and, potentially, co-ordinated capacity at several replication plants, commercial printers and packing mills in order to be delivered in full, on time, on budget and on spec.

Replicat offers a professional range of solutions to organisations wishing to reach a large audience via CD or DVD media. We can extend our normal product and service offering to include additional safeguards via reference (check) disc manufacture, hard copy digital proofing, press-check, Australia-Post pre-approval, letter of credit terms, DVD copy-protection, flexible shipping and logistics, warehousing and personal service from senior Replicat management.

Projects above 25K units are not covered by our instant quote system price grid. Please request a quote via the instant system by all means, but use the pricing as only the roughest of project estimates. Our final price is usually significantly better and it will vary depending on factors such as seasonal plant capacity and your available lead time.

Replicat have the flexibility to produce at Philips licensed disc replication plants, high volume commercial printers and packing mills in Australia, Singapore and Taiwan that will suit any high volume CD or DVD replication project at any time of year. We can even suggest several price and lead time alternatives for your project, depending on your quantity, budget and deadline. We can provide exceptionally fast turnarounds and excellent pricing on 100% Australian made discs and packaging, or exceptionally low priced imported discs and packaging on a longer lead-time. Talk to us directly about the most important factors in your project and we can tailor a solution that best meets your requirements.

Large project disc packaging can be fully customised to suit the project. We can work with your design team to understand the desired solution, then create custom wallet, mailer and other packaging templates for your team to design with. We also provide a general printing service in addition to our traditional disc replication and packaging and can provide a full range of cards, mailers, brochures, soft and hard cover bound publications and other products as required.

Does your organisation employ integrated branding or corporate colour schemes that require consistent colour across a wide range of products and print surfaces? We can develop a colour reference chart for colour control to ensure acceptable colour across a variety of surfaces and print techniques, typically including process printing on coated surface, process printing on uncoated surface, pantone or spot colour ink printing on coated surfaces and pantone or spot colour ink printing on uncoated surfaces.

We have a particular expertise in developing end-to-end solutions for addressed and unaddressed disc mail out, including the design of custom packaging that meets Australia Post requirements for small letter rate bulk mail. For a fuller description of this service and the standard and custom mailer pack options available, see our section on Australia post approved mailers or phone our team directly.

Please phone us directly on 1300 727 685 to discuss your project.