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How to create artwork


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Step 1: Choose your templates 

Template links are on your quote PDF. Or here: templates. Make a choice from the available templates for your quoted components.


artwork finishing iconStep 2: Decide on DIY or our Replicat Layout service

Our layout service is ($15+gst per panel/face). Read more about it, or continue reading below if you're preparing your own designs.


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Step 3: Drag the PDF template into your design software workspace

Save the template as a single layer called TEMPLATE.


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Step 4: Create your design - noting bleed, safe and imposition requirements

Check your template for instructions or contact us with any questions. We're happy to glance at PDFx1a output first drafts via email.


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Step 5: Remove template lines and output as PDFx1a format

Switch off the TEMPLATE layer, but keep any thin outer registration (crop) marks. Output as PDFx1a format.