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How to create a master (accepted master formats)

Replicat is an independent company and we can receive masters from any mastering facility, including home produced projects. Please check with Replicat before sending us the master and we'll guide you on the best format. Here's a quick rundown of the main requirements:

50 to 299 Duplication masters (CDR DVDR DVDRDL):  We provide exact copies of the disc you give us. CD Audio and CD Rom titles should be provided on CD-R. DVD titles should be provided on DVD-R (or DVDRDL for dual layer). USB titles should be provided on USB. (Don't mix them up though e.g. please don't supply a CD master on DVD-R.)

50+ Duplication masters (USB): Please provide an exact copy of your USB on a drive size that is the same as your ordered USB drives. We will duplicate exact copies of your USB master. Note: All USB duplication is performed on Replicat's secure high-speed tower in Australia.

300+ Replication masters (CD Audio): DDP (with MD5 checksum) preferred - provide a link or upload to our dropbox. We can also accept standard physical CD Audio masters, but don't just copy WAV/MP3/AIFF files to disc (see below).

300+ Replication masters (CDROM, DVD5, DVD9): should be provided as physical media in the same format you intend to replication. (Please don't supply a CD master on DVD-R for instance.) DVD9 should be provided on DVDRDL media to make it easier for you to test prior to replication, but we can also accept layer 0/1 DDP images on separate DVD-R or DLT by prior arrangement.

Test your masters: Please do not test physical masters on a computer only. Computers can play file formats that set top players cannot. CD Audio masters should be tested on a standard set top CD player. DVD video masters should be tested on a standard set top DVD player that has the same region code and TV standard as your master and intended audience. USB masters should be tested on all intended players and platforms.

How do I get ISRC codes and barcodes and put them on my CD Audio master? Further information here.

Can I just upload track (MP3, WAV, AIFF etc) or video (MP4, MOV etc) files? Yes, but you'll need our finishing service to create the master. Please email or phone with details before uploading anything to check any applicable charges and/or alternatives.

I need to check a DDP image before approving/sending it. Replicat’s free  DDP Player OEM is available for both Windows and Mac, (i) click either link and save the appropriate .zip file for your platform to a folder on your hard drive (ii) extract the zip file (iii) run the extracted executable (iv)  enter the key (first time only) 4E05-585C-734D-A0E6