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How to Create a Master


Accepted formats:


distribution iconCD Audio (CDA) and CD ROM 

DDP image via upload (200+ runs) or CD-R (any run size). Max length CD-Audio is 74:30 (surcharge+waiver required for overlength). 


video icon

DVD5 video and DVD5 ROM

Physical DVD-R master required. (Can also accept DDP image for 300+ DVD5 video replication runs.) DVD5 4.7GB capacity. 


video iconDVD9 video and DVD9 ROM

Physical DVDRDL master required. (Can also accept DDP images x 2 for 300+ DVD9 video replication runs.) DVD9 7.9GB capacity.


audio iconUSB titles

Upload a single zip file containing all files and folders exactly as you want them to appear in the root folder of your USB.


mailout icon


Contact us to discuss vinyl mastering options, recommendations and resources.


Prepare and playback your master:


artwork finishing icon

Free Replicat DDP player software

Download WINDOWS or MAC, extract the ZIP, run the EXE, enter key (first time only): 4E05-585C-734D-A0E6


audio icon

Check your masters on any intended set-top players, NOT just your computer

Check CD Audio & DVD video masters on their intended set-top CD players. We replicate exact copies of your master.


distribution icon

CD Audio (CDA) compilation service

Rates as follows:

  • For replication: (300+ discs): WAV to CDA (DDP) compilation: $60+gst (allows CD-Text)
  • For duplication (50 to 250 discs): WAV to CDA (CD-R) compilation: $50+gst (does not allow CD-Text)
  • For duplication (50 to 250 discs): WAV to CDA (DDP then CD-R) compilation: $100+gst (allows CD-Text)
  • For duplication (50 to 250 discs): DDP to CDA (CD-R) conversion: $50+gst (allows CD-Text) *

* Note: You could also output a CD-R master from a DDP by using our free DDP player software above, then post to us.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that any tracks submitted for compilation are set to the correct volume. We do not adjust individual track levels or make any other sonic adjustments unless these are requested (typical cost is another $60+gst on top of the standard compilation fee). 


distribution icon

Track & Album mastering for CD & Vinyl

If you require track/album EQ, top/tail, compression etc we can recommend several mastering houses.


video icon

Video Authoring

Please email playlength and format of all source files, and exactly what every button on the menu(s) needs to do.