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Mastering & Authoring

Replicat now offer mastering and authoring services to suit any project. We've included a couple of descriptions below, but if you require a quote on more detailed mastering or authoring, please contact us.
Track to DDP mastering for CD Audio
  • Add your barcodes and ISRC codes from Ditto or another source to your replication master
  • Create DDP master from a physical CD Audio master, WAV/MP3/AIFF tracks, BIN/CUE master or any other audio format
  • Receive a download link to your completed DDP master to test and approve prior to replication or duplication 
  • Free Replicat DDP player software for you to check your DDP master prior to replication
  • Track and album EQ, compression, top/tail and other audio mastering services available (extra charges apply)
  • DDP to physical master conversion for duplication projects (extra charges apply)
How?    Upload your master (or master tracks) and include a completed master creation form
Price?   $65 (includes GST)
(Note: the master creation form is the same as the digital start form.)
Video & ROM authoring
  • Receive your final files (MOV, MP4, PDF and any other file format)
  • Start menu screen graphics and menu navigation
  • Auto-run for ROM
  • File editing
  • Output masters suitable for desired media format (DVD Video, DVD Rom, CD Rom, USB)
  • Provide master check-disc or check-USB for approval prior to replication
How?   Email us source file format and size/duration details plus require menu navigation and design services 
Price?  Quoted on a per-project basis although our prices tend to be very reasonable