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Pop-up Packaging

Example of Replicat Pop-Up Packaging showing Green Turtle
Do you want to add some extra wow to your print packaging concept? In collaboration with our production team, we can customise our standard digipack or gatefold wallet templates to produce imaginative pop-up packaging for your project. Our featured client Chanelle Davis used our Digi-Pop packaging for her Chanelle & Friends album, adding a fun element to engage young audiences.
We offer a complete service from initial idea to delivered product: from converting your ideas or sketches into a paper engineering proposal, to creating proofs and working samples for client approval, to printing, die cutting, and assembly.

6 Steps To Make Your Packaging Go Pop!

1. Your concept or proposal: Come to us with a rough sketch or picture of your idea.
2. Illustrated proposal: we will build on your idea to create an illustrated proposal for your packaging, for your approval.
3. Paper sample: Once you are happy with the concept and proposal, we move onto the pop-up engineering stage. This is where the pop-up is designed, and the mechanics are worked out. We make a white paper prototype which is tweaked until the desired pop-up effect is achieved.
4. Quote Approval: Once finalised, the paper prototype is used to work out final costings for print and assembly.
5. Pre-production: To produce mechanically accurate packaging, we supply technical specifications and guides for your designer or graphic artist to accurately set up their artwork. We can advise throughout this process to ensure everything is in the right place.
6. Production: A PDF proof is produced. Once the proofs are approved, we print, die-cut, and assemble your pop-up packaging.
Examples of illustrated proposal and white paper sample


Example of technical artwork and final product
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