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Replicat Price & Quality Guarantee


Price Policy

Replicat offers among the lowest published website prices in Australia for replication (300+) runs of digipacks, gatefolds and cardboard sleeves. These prices are available to all clients via our gallery and instant quote system.
We know that many of our clients are self-published musicians and small record labels, on a tight budget. The best way we can support you is to offer fantastic quality product at an affordable price. We regularly update our supply chain and pass on the benefits of new plant and equipment, high production volume, economies of scale, experience and technical expertise. 

Price Match Guarantee

We're happy to price match a CD or DVD quote if you've found a more competitive offer from another supplier for the same components. If the quotes are indeed identical, we'll match it and provide a free barcode as a finder's fee. 
If the components are different in any way (quantity, stock, production method, terms), then we'll explain the difference so you can make an informed choice. Regardless of outcome, it's a great free service and additional peace of mind.
  • The quote must be an official quote in writing on competitor letterhead (e.g. as a PDF quote) or must be a quote we can reproduce from an online quotation system or view on a webpage.
  • The price match offer does not apply if the quote is for trade pricing not available to the public, or prices that we cannot independently verify.
  • The price match offer only applies to CD/DVD media and packaging

Quality & Production Method

Replicat offers offset printed wallets/booklets and replicated discs for 300+ runs, and laminated digital print and UV colourfast coat on shorter duplication runs (up to 250). These are the highest quality production methods available for CD/DVD production.
  • We provide Australian-made discs, 350gsm thick high quality stock and free gloss or matte laminate on every pack. 
  • Larger disc runs (300+) are replicated from a glass master not duplicated. 
  • Every replication run (300+) cardboard pack is offset printed, not digitally printed. (If you've ever seen cracking of ink along folds on a digital printed unlaminated wallet, you'll know the difference.)