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CD Replication: The Rainbow Standards (full list)

The Rainbow Books are a collection of standards created by Philips that define the allowed formats of Compact Discs. This list is an extract from the original article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compact_Disc

Red Book

  • CD-DA – Digital Audio extended by CD-Text

Yellow Book

  • CD-ROM – Read-Only Memory and CD-ROM XA

Orange Book

  • CD-R alias CD-WO or CD-WORM – Recordable, Write Once or Write Once, Read Many
  • CD-RW alias CD-E – ReWritable or Erasable
  • CD-MO – Magneto-Optical

White Book

  • VCD – Video and
  • CD-Bridge - Hybrid discs, e.g. CD-Ready

Blue Book

  • E-CD – Enhanced,
  • CD+ – plus and
  • CD+G – plus Graphics (karaoke) extended by CD+EG / CD+XG,

Beige Book

  • PCD – Photo (not Picture)

Green Book

  • CD-i – interactive

Purple Book

  • DDCD – Double Density

Scarlet Book

  • SACD – Super Audio