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Replicat for Musicians

Case StudyJonathan Dreyfus - Me and the Grownups

"If you’re an independent musician planning a release on CD or DVD, use Replicat to produce your stock. Our two albums have been markedly different in terms of design and construction, and both looked pretty daunting at first. But Replicat made the process easier than you could imagine, guiding us through every technical aspect of design and offering a simply mammoth range of stunning production options, all in the friendliest, most reliable manner possible. (And it's not that price is everything, but it certainly helped that they offer the best rates by far.) Take my word for it: Replicat is the fairest, fastest and friendliest in the business."
Jonathan Dreyfus (Me & The Grown-Ups) has produced two separate tray-pack (digipak, digipack) titles with Replicat. The most recent title, Knowing Lovers Naive Lovers, was a CD traypack with clear tray and offset printed disc replicated from a glass master. A 32 page offset printed booklet was glued to the inside front cover and specially aligned so that the pack would open up like a semi-hard cover book with the disc and tray on the inside back cover.

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