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Scott Wilson

Josie & I started Replicat from a laptop on a coffee table in August 2004 after my 15 year career as systems developer, accountant and general manager in different Australian SME manufacturing companies
Even though we've invested in automating our online quote systems, we still take a personal approach and follow up most enquiries with a phone call or two, so that's what I'm doing most days. My direct email address is below if you ever need it. 
I see our company's greatest strength as our ability to find solutions for complex print/media projects with lots of moving parts, such as custom pack creation, white sampling, multiple print finishes, new media, deadlines and logistics. This comes in part from having handled 10,000+ different media print/pack production projects, but also from caring about the outcome as much as our clients and enjoying the creative side of the business.
In my spare time I'm a songwriter - piano & vocals. I think Replicat would still have happened without that, but it's important to me that Replicat will always be a place that any record label or musician can trust to help them publish - through stock manufacture, mastering, design, digital distribution and the other services we offer.
Qualifications: Bachelor Degree in Commerce from Melbourne University