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Digipacks (Traypacks), Sleeves & Printed Wallets

The wonderful thing about Replicat wallet and digipacks printing is....choice. Our showroom contains nearly 400 different shapes, sizes and variations (and maybe 5000 different packs?) that we've made for musicians, film producers, schools, universities, banks, charities, sports and membership groups, corporations and government departments since 2004.

Tray-packs and retail wallets stand out among the sea of jewel cases in a retail store. They provide as much design freedom as the old vinyl covers. They are more environmentally friendly than jewel cases.

Step 1: Choose a wallet

You can start with either a 2 panel, 4 panel, 6 panel, 8 panel or custom wallet. There are a few different panel sizes to choose from also: 140x125mm retail wallet, 130x130 standard wallet and larger DVD case and A5 cases. We can also create custom-size digipacks, wallets and folders on request, so please ask.

Step 2: Choose your booklet & disc components and how to assemble them into the pack

There are many ways we can insert a disc into the wallet: several types of horizontal and vertical pouches, plus standard CD digitrays, DVD digitrays, environmentally friendly biodegradable trays and disc dots.

We can create multi-disc digipacks easily, by adding multiple trays or pouches to the wallet.

If you require a booklet, there are several ways we can insert it: horizontal pouch, vertical pouch, diagonal pouch, glued, open ended, closed end & open spine, open end and closed spine...plus thumb cuts, square cuts, moon cuts and custom cuts.

Step 3: Choose finishes for the pack

Once you've selected the wallet or digipack online, you have complete freedom on how and where to add discs & booklets and a range of paper stocks, varnish, laminate, foil, emboss and wrap options to finish the pack. Ask your Replicat customer service rep for options and prices.

Don't sweat the details too much either. Request an online quote from our gallery that includes as many details as you can think of, then let our customer service team run through the options and help you to build and cost the perfect pack.