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Vinyl Fact Sheet


Vinyl Playlengths

  • 7 inch single has a 5 min limit per side
  • 10 inch vinyl has a 16 min limit per side
  • 12 inch vinyl has a recommended 22 minute limit per side, however we can accommodate longer sides subject to mastering, and the use of our Acoustic Lacquer stamper method.

Vinyl Master

  • Provide a WAV file and cue sheet for each side. Upload to our Dropbox.
  • Check with your mastering engineer for vinyl guidelines. We can provide a CD/DDP to vinyl mastering service via Crystal Mastering on request.


See your quote PDF for templates - there's a link next to each component. Output your artwork as 300dpi CMYK PDFs, and upload to our Dropbox. We recommend you Save As PDF and select PDFx1a format. This avoids having to convert text to outlines, and uses the correct CMYK colour mode. Check our Creating Artwork page for more information.