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Why choose Replicat?

You have a deadline and need reliable service.

Our expert staff have handled over 10,000 separate CD and DVD replication and duplication orders. We've seen and produced just about every type of packaging and every type of disc. We've even spent time on our own personal projects - in the recording studio, developing software and producing DVDs. We love what we do - and take a genuine interest in the projects we produce.

You need a great price.

Don't buy anywhere without checking our prices first. Replicat offer the lowest royalty-paid media replication, duplication and full product packaging prices in Australia. Check our gallery and receive an instant project quote for hundreds of different pack and media manufacturing options.

You need the right advice.

We tailor our advice depending on your previous experience in replication - from first timers to seasoned project and catalogue managers. We can provide advice in preparing the disc master, artwork, packaging options and distribution. We also give every client a full explanation of the production process and how to prevent problems - rather than just tell you that “everything will be fine in a couple of weeks”.

You need a retail quality product.

Replicat offers retail quality and retail ready glass mastered discs and offset printed packaging on all disc replication runs (over 250 units). We also offer Australia's best quality short run duplication service (50 to 200 units), including high resolution full colour print with a colour-fast screenprint varnish on every disc, digital offset paper parts and full Eclipse master testing prior to duplication - resulting in a short run product that is suitable for sale or commercial use. Combined with our comprehensive range of high-quality pack and wrap options, all Replicat products are ready for retail, corporate distribution or record launch.


2008 & 2009 Winner in the TV, Film, Audio & Video category of the Australian Achiever Awards.

2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011 High Recommended - Australian Achiever Awards

2011 Certificate of Outstanding Achievement - Australian Achiever Awards (and we thought this was a nice time to stop entering the annual AA awards, but our commitment to customer service excellence has never waivered since.)