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File Uploads to Replicat


Upload here: Replicat dropbox      

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[ ]  Check with us before uploading DDP, track, video or other image files, as an additional conversion fee and lead time may apply.

[ ]  DDP images are preferred/accepted for 300+ CD Audio replication orders however, and no additional fee or lead time will apply.

[ ]  Please don't zip any artwork files, but do zip any DDP image files

[ ]  Name artwork files clearly and if possible, please include details of the WQ quote number and template you have used

[ ]  Artwork files should be 300dpi CMYK PDF format. Check bleed, imposition, borders-OFF, cropmarks-ON, PDFx1a format (or outline all text).



Not great - "my wallet.pdf"

Better - "ben and tracey album REP401 wallet.pdf"

Awesome - "WQ45555 ben and tracey REP401 wallet artwork.pdf"